SUUNTO Core Wrist

SUUNTO Core Wrist – Stay Active in all weather conditions

SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch
  • Wrist-top computer watch with altimeter, barometer, compass, and depth meter for outdoor adventures
  • Altimeter displays current elevation (up to 9000 meters), shows ascent or descent speed, and records progress
  • Intelligent storm alarm senses drops in air pressure and notifies you of approaching storms
  • The Suunto Core provides current and maximum depth reached during your snorkeling dive. Maximum depth of the device is 10m
  • Watch functions include time, dual time, date, alarm, sports chronograph, countdown timer and sunrise and sunset times for over 400 locations worldwide. 2 year warranty

Make your own adventure with the SUUNTO Core Wrist – Top Computer Watch, which features both GPS and GLONASS satellite reception, a 3-axis tilt sensor for altitude awareness, and a new backlight display that automatically illuminates when tilted towards you. The SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is for anyone who wants uncompromising performance in a wrist-top packable unit. With advanced features like GPS, sport profiles, and activity recording, it is the perfect travel companion for outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and running.

The SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is an excellent choice for water sports due to its lightweight and excellent readability. The water-resistant watch does have a backlight but it is not for night diving. It comes with a bold black dial and easy to read large numbers, making it simple to tell the time even underwater. The watch face also has a rotating bezel that can be used as a compass and a countdown timer. This sports watch has a core temperature feature that allows you to pull the temperature directly from the wrist unit if you’re swimming or near warm water in the mountains during skiing.

Ready to get easy access and full control of your training? The SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch is designed with a large digital display and bright LEDs for easy readability in any condition. With a watch and smartphone app, you can follow heart rate zones, receive audio alerts for zone or interval changes, and have your stats displayed during your workout. You can also add interval countdown timers, heart rate targets, training reminders, as well as training history upload, all with a few swipes of your finger.

The SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer watch is a simple, no-nonsense digital wristwatch designed for outdoor/action use. It uses only essential features for real-time temperature, altitude, depth, and time functions. Most models have an ABC sensor that measures altitude by displaying changes in air pressure.
The core of everything is the accuracy of a timepiece. And the SUUNTO Core Wrist Top Computer watch is designed to be at the heart of everything you do.
The SUUNTO Core Wrist-Top Computer is touchscreen, so you can easily navigate your preferences and settings. It has a barometric altimeter to track elevation change, sunrise and sunset times, a thermometer to help keep you aware of weather changes, and an electronic compass to help you stay oriented.