4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop Band Set – Your total body workout

The 4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop Band Set is designed to provide you with a total body workout.

The 4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop Band Set is a simple and effective workout to help you tone your arms, legs, and body. With each band offering a different level of resistance from 1-10, you can challenge even the fittest of people. The set includes three different-sized bands and 14 different exercises for beginners to professionals. Each band has its own individual storage bag picked out so it won’t get tangled up with the others. These bags are also conveniently small making it easier to throw them in your suitcase for a quick trip or to put away in any room of your house. You will have fun while getting fit.

4KOR provides a wide variety of exercise options without having to leave your living room floor. Work out at home on your own time and budget! The 4KOR Fitness Resistance Loop Band Set is excellent for improving balance, increasing flexibility, burning calories, toning muscles, and has many other uses! It comes with multiple color-coded bands in varying resistance levels:  Green = Light (20-40lbs), Yellow = Medium (35-65lbs), Red = Heavy (50-100lbs).
Established in 2014, 4KOR is a manufacturer of health equipment, including Fitness Resistance Loop Bands.

Perfect for muscle strengthening, stretching, and toning, 4KOR loop bands can be used as a warm-up tool, a resistance training tool for your arms, back, and legs, or even as a fitness travel band. Use them while working out at home to get an extra burn or while on the go to sneak in a workout on the fly. Great for workouts of all levels (beginner to advanced), our set features five different color-coded levels of resistance and comes with easy-to-follow instructions.
Our 4KOR Sports Band is an innovative and high-quality soft resistance loop band for fitness and strength training, helping you build muscle, shed fat, and improve your overall health and fitness. The loop band is fully adjustable to any size you need, with thicker sections for more resistance and thinner sections for less resistance.

These high-quality resistance loop band sets are perfect to take on your next vacation. Each set comes with 5 bands, ranging from 1-5 pounds. They are padded and have no sharp edges for added comfort and security. Just connect the clip or loops to a door or piece of furniture and you have the most innovative exercise device ever made. Not only is it great for travel but also will give you the most effective and fun workouts indoors or outdoors.